Community Management Sin: Sloth

Community Management Sin: Sloth

Sloth can be either an outright refusal or merely a carelessness in the performance of one’s obligations, especially spiritual, moral or legal obligations. Sloth can also indicate a wasting due to lack of use, concerning a person, place, thing, skill, or intangible ideal that would require maintenance, refinement, or support to continue to exist.

A healthy online community is active and vibrant, with enthusiastic and helpful members. Unhealthy communities, on the other hand, are not moderated, and the only active members seem to be there only to promote their own causes or their own business interests. As a community manager, you can’t just start a community and hope for the best to happen. You have to remain vigilant, and take necessary steps to keep improving your online community.

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Ineffective moderators are dragging down communities across many social networks, from Facebook and Google+ to LinkedIn and Reddit. Bots and other low quality accounts are rampant across communities and groups. A problem, when many of the communities have absentee moderators, or tone-deaf leaders thinking they don’t need to moderate their community – it’s only there to attract clients. The only time they come by is to post their own links themselves anyway. What’s funny… is when that client sees that mess of a community… they are more likely to run away!

The 7 Deadly Sins of Community Management Series

Lust   Gluttony   Greed
Sloth   Wrath
Envy   Pride

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