Community Management Sin: Pride

Community Management Sin: Pride

As far as the seven deadly sins go – Pride is the most serious – the source of the other sins. At it’s most basic, an overly proud person truly believes they are better than other people – they fail to ever recognize or acknowledge the accomplishments of those around them, and will almost excessively admire themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill pride.

You can have pride in your work – do your best, and when other people recognize you for your work, you don’t always have to be modest. Sometimes you really just did work very hard on something and deserve a bit of praise. The sin of pride, however, culminates in the feeling of hubris. It is the excessive love of oneself that blinds them to others, and this can truly damage your online reputation. Instead, you should admit you aren’t perfect, share with others when someone else gets out there and does a good job. Show your community that you are not only looking out for yourself. You are looking out for the greater good of your community – the people within it.
[clickToTweet tweet=”When you think you are so great the rules no longer apply to you – you lose the ability to listen.” quote=”When you think you are so great the rules no longer apply to you – you lose the ability to listen.”]

Listening to your Community is Key.

Your community. they may be your customers, your fellow industry leaders, or even just a local group of like minded individuals. Many brands these days are unable to grow and thrive without a vibrant online community. You don’t have all the answers. By listening to your community, and the communities of those around you – the insight you can gain is priceless.

Listening to your Competition is Key.

Sure, I may have said in the article on Community Management Envy that you need your own voice, your own style. However, that doesn’t mean you completely ignore your competition, or don’t take what they are doing into account. Create news feeds you can keep track of rivals with. This can supply you with endless streams of data to employ yourself, from real-time competition intelligence, instant feedback on your own brand perception, and real, actionable data you can use to design or tweak your own marketing campaigns.

Just remember your goals.

Important as your customers and competition is doing, even MORE important is using that information to get a sense of the market as a whole. Identify how consumer preferences will change. Keep on top of your industry needs, trends, potential expertise and talent, as well as finding out what is said about your competition. By setting aside your pride and listening to others, you can become more market aware. Using this knowledge, improve your business!

The 7 Deadly Sins of Community Management Series

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