How Other People Perceive You Online

How Other People Perceive You Online

It doesn’t matter what you think about yourself or your company, in the end all that matters is how you are perceived by others.

On Social Media, as in life, sometimes it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts.

When the average person scours their favorite Social Media platform, like Google+, Facebook, or LinkedIn, for posts or people to follow, what do they look for?


• How many [fans / followers / circlers] or how many [likes / plus ones] do you have? After your profile photo and name, this number is generally one of the first areas people will see when viewing your profile (sad but true). However, don’t let this mislead you. Some take this to mean that high social signal and high follower counts (obtained by any means necessary) lead to more followers. That’s not true.

The best engagement is based based upon quality connections.Click To Tweet

• Build your connections slowly and sustainably. Give all of your [fans / followers / circlers] the attention they deserve.
• NEVER PURCHASE CONNECTIONS. Whether that is likes, circles, comments, followers, plus ones or reshares. Just don’t do it. I won’t even get into why it is useless. It’s easy to spot a high follower count user with low quality engagement. It’s just not worth being outed as fake.

Build your engagement and connections organically in order to be perceived by others, and by Google, as an authority in whatever it is you post about.Click To Tweet


• You have just moments to make an impact on your profile. This all depends on your image. Now you must be wondering, “My profile photo is great, I’m done, right?” Of course not. Your overall Google+ “Image” is they way you are perceived by others.

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Fully prepare your profile. Use keywords and be succinct. Differentiate yourself from others, highlight and broadcast your achievements to the world as well.
• Maintain a professional appearance. I do believe in people being able to be themselves online and still be professionals in the same playground, but that goes so far. Keep drunken debauchery to your private circles. Share family photos with family.
• That being said, I must reiterate. BE YOURSELF. Don’t be afraid to be humorous, show your adventurous side, tell us about your interests. People want to connect to other real people. That means you too, business owners! People are more likely to trust you as an individual, than as a personal profile with a corporate logo as a profile picture.
• Always think before you post.
• Be approachable, genuine, and professional.
• Socialize, don’t sell. The sales come later. Also… be patient.


• If you read the first part, you already know to fill out your profile. Tell people what you like to post about, and then post about that! Don’t mislead people. No bait and switch. If you post about anything and everything, tell us that.
• Create the best posts you can. Check for duplicate news from your circles or within the community you post in before posting a big story. Don’t just re-post every story from your other social networks. Think to yourself, is this something that most of the community you are sharing it with would already know? If so, then it is probably not good to post.
• This goes with the last one: NO LINK LITTER. If you have found or written an interesting article, or found something to reshare that you think the community needs to see, please share it! But we want to know why you think it’s share-worthy. Not all of us have the time or inclination to click through and see if it means anything to us personally. So write a paragraph or two (yes, paragraph, not sentence) that summarize why you were intrigued. If we wanted a list of links with little additional information, we’d do a web search.

Cite your sources, thank people that brought information, posts, images, memes, videos, etc to your attention.Click To Tweet

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Although I ended up graduating from Villanova University with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, a side passion of mine for the past decade has been business and marketing. After three years of working full time as a mechanical engineer, and part time as a freelancer, success in my freelance work motivated me to alter my path and focus fully on marketing.

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