You don’t need to write a blog… yet.

You don’t need to write a blog… yet.


Blogs are amazing. They bring you traffic. They can establish you as an expert to your target audience. However, all said and done, maybe you… shouldn’t blog. Seriously. If you have to ask yourself whether you need to start a blog, or you are making the decision on what to blog about, or that you just want to blog because you heard people can make money doing that… please just stop right now.

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Something you are just so passionate about that you cannot ever think to hold it back from the world. Something you could see yourself writing about regularly for the foreseeable future. Do a Google search for the topic you want to write about. Start browsing the other blogs that exist on the subject. You’ll likely find a handful of popular blogs, some near the middle, and tons of blogs with less than 100 visitors each month. By the end of 2011, NM Incite tracked over 180 million blogs around the world, a 400% increase from 2006.

Over 20 million people are now writing blogs using blogging sites like Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, and Medium, as well as social networks like Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn.

Of the blogs that you review on your chosen subject(s), can you do better? Is there something that people are generally missing when they blog about your subject? Can you present the information in a new and intriguing way? Well, maybe a blog is for you. If your primary motivation is monetary, remember this: Only 14% of bloggers earn a salary for their blogging, with an average “salary” of just over $24,000 per year. Half of bloggers that are paid per post will earn less than $25 on average, will make less than $1000 per year with their writing.

Does the world need more bloggers? In my humble opinion, no.

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The world needs more participants and more people adding to the existing conversations, growing their knowledge and improving the discussions across the internet. So share your thoughts on someone else’s blog. Or, join a Meetup Group, LinkedIn Group or Google+ Community, interact, curate, discuss – and then even go the events that those groups spawn and meet in person, in real life. Gain some real life experience, then impart that to others when you are ready.

Not convinced yet?

Here are four more reasons why you shouldn’t blog.

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