Community Management Sin: Lust

Community Management Sin: Lust

Lust, or lechery (carnal “luxuria”) is an intense desire. Lust could be exemplified by the intense desire for money, food, fame, power, or sex.

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Seriously. Just as I believe not everyone in the world needs to have a blog (honestly, if we are all busy blogging, who is left to read?) – not everyone needs to start their own community. One of my biggest successes in community management has to be the relationships that I have formed with fellow business owners and marketers in running the Social Media Strategy community. By not being afraid of perceived “competition,” and instead embracing a shared work and growth environment, we have created something… different.

This came about as I noticed new communities jumping up with similar goals as my own community. And instead of all of us competing with one another for membership and discussion, I saw the benefit of joining forces. Instead of 8-10 “general marketing knowledge” communities, why couldn’t these motivated community moderators and owners instead come together, sharing both the work, and the benefit, of a strong community and shared audience? Instead of just a few people maintaining the community in what little free time they have left after other daily needs, you have teams of members, business owners and others, all with a vested interest in the success of the community. It doesn’t get any better than that.

What we have done is set up the concept that any member of a community can be an owner. The most active community members are spotted and upgraded to moderators, allowed to take a more important role in the shaping of the community and the discussions within. Once they are moderators for a short while, if someone is truly dedicated to the growth of the community, there is no reason they should not be credited for it. We should not be power-hungry warlords, fighting to preserve our own fiefdoms. By bringing in multiple influencers, multiple audiences, you can create a shared platform for yourselves and others that would vastly outperform anything you could each do on your own.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Community Management Series

Lust   Gluttony   Greed
Sloth   Wrath
Envy   Pride

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