Introduction to Hang w/ Live Streaming

Introduction to Hang w/ Live Streaming

Launched in 2013 – Hang w/ isn’t exactly the new kid on the block. Sure, there are the newsmakers Meerkat and Periscope, with their shiny coats of paint and millions of dollars in funding – but they don’t even have Android apps. Is that what constitutes a successful app launch? Reaching only 25% of the smartphone population? Hang w/ has not only had an Android app for some time – but you can even stream through iOS with your Go Pro.

They are clearly ahead of the game… but why aren’t they receiving the same public response as newcomers Meerkat and Periscope? Though still unknown to many – Hang w/ has been busy building an active and engaged user base of over two million users. They have had the time to work out many of the kinks that plague the other live streaming apps.

Should Hang w/ be worried about newcomers Meerkat and Periscope? Hang w/ staff don’t seem too concerned. CEO Andrew Maltin went so far as to say this about Meerkat’s phenominal rise:

“It’s brought live streaming to the public side, and I think that was very important to happen. I certainly wish we were the ones bringing it to the public eye, but in this case, somebody is bringing it there and it’s going to be very helpful for the industry in general. I think what’s going to happen is, they’re getting a lot of great press and a lot of great hype, but people are going to realize that the importance of some of the other tools that are necessary for live broadcasting.”Andrew Maltin, CEO

There are some great early adopters too, as Common, 50 Cent, Kaskade, Timbaland, Soulja Boy, Lucy Hale, Jared Leto, Terrell Owens, Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion and others have come to see the benefits of the platform to connect with their audience. Speaking of which – if you haven’t yet checked out the IndieGogo campaign for Alan and Nathan’s new show, Con Man. Brands like Herbalife and the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Club) have taken to Hang w/ too – using it to reach their audience like never before. Of course there are the standout non-celebrity users too. Chelsea Votel (YOPickles) is a great example of someone who came into the platform and by simply being herself, attracted a massive audience on Hang w/.

Problem is – growth has stagnated in recent months. There just aren’t enough users streaming captivating content often enough on Hang w/. There is still new content showing up from the celebrities using the platform – but finding active and entertaining streams is a bit difficult – even though they have such an excellent discovery system. It really is a shame. This is, however, your chance to get in. Whenever someone tells me there isn’t enough content – I see that as a challenge. There are a lot of users on the platform just aching for something or someone to watch. Not only that – but many of us professionals and businesses have already built large audiences who want to view our streams. Instead of sharing a link that 75% of your audience cannot even view if they wanted to – share a link to a streaming video anyone can watch and participate in.

Getting Started on Hang w/

On Desktop (Browser): To begin to “Hang With” your friends and influencers – all you have to do is click on a link to a Hang w/ video stream! New users, who have not yet installed either app are able to quickly and easily watch your stream from the links that you share. It must be noted, however – that they lose interactivity – they cannot comment, like, or reshare your streams (apart from manually sharing the link). They cannot even see comments made by other users.

People who want to simply check out some streams before downloading the app can use the Live Stream Discovery site – useful for finding hot streams from the best users on Hang w/.

On Android and iOS, once you have downloaded the app – you can simply sign in with your Facebook credentials, or create a new account via Email (Facebook haters rejoice!).

Download Hang w/ for iOS Download Hang w/ for Android


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Find the best Live Streams

Check out the Complete Guide for Watching Streaming Video on Hang w/.

Live Stream Like a Pro

See the Creator’s Guide to Hang w/ Live Video Streaming for that.

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