Viewer’s Guide to Hang w/

Viewer’s Guide to Hang w/

To be completely honest, one of Hang w/’s only drawbacks is the lack of diverse content creators consistently producing great and unique live content from all time zones. In the late hours there aren’t too many live streams especially. I hope that these posts, as well as the recent growing interest in live streaming to change this. That isn’t to say there aren’t some great live streamers already.

Discover New Streams on Hang w/

When you log into your Hang w/ app you start in the “Discover” tab. From your favorite actors and artists, fitness insctructors, photographers, chefs – whatever you may enjoy – Hang w/ likely has a featured broadcast about it.

Hang With Live Streaming Discovery

Live Now on Hang w/

The second tab on Hang w/, the Live Now section is similar to Discovery – but way more personal – it’s tailored to you. Hang With your favorite people more easily. If you follow someone’s streams – whenever they are live they will show up right here. Help you keep engaged with your favorite streams, make sure to check in here to make sure you don’t miss any chances to see them live.

No one in this tab? Get out there and find more people to follow. Or get in there yourself and start streaming live video.

Hang With Live Streaming Live Now Tab

Interacting in a Hang w/ Stream

You can easily view a Hang w/ stream from any device or browser – but if you open in the app – you can take part in the conversation yourself! Like, Comment, and Share while you watch.

If you are replaying an old stream – you will also see player controls at the bottom. You can still view the entire chat history – but you can’t comment on the stream after it has ended.

Hang With Live Streaming Viewer Controls

Your Hang W/ Inbox

Hang w/ users can send each other messages inside the app by tapping the message icon on a user’s profile page. You never know who might send you a message – especially if you are actively commenting in their streams. In the inbox is where you’ll find any messages sent to you as well as a running tab of the recent activity on your profile and streams. See when users followed you, and immediately check out their own profiles yourself – you can then follow them back, or give them access to private streams.

Go Live on Hang w/

You’d be surprised how many people want to take a peek at what you are doing. Don’t be shy – go live yourself. Check out our Complete Guide to Hang w/ Live Streaming for help mastering the art of the live stream.

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