Creator’s Guide to Hang w/

Creator’s Guide to Hang w/

As a content creator – it’s important to me that people be able to access that content. On Hang w/ – I don’t have to worry that people I send my links are not able to access the content within. That’s a major issue with a platform like Periscope – which requires you to remain within the platform to view – and as of publishing – do not have an Android app either – closing off a large portion of your audience. Unless of course your podcast is about Apple devices. In which case – you are set.

To be completely honest, one of Hang w/’s only drawbacks is the lack of diverse content creators consistently producing great and unique live content. That drawback can work for you, however – if you have something to share – people are out there looking for something good to watch. Plus, if you have already built up an audience through social media – then streaming to them with Hang w/ is easier than ever – and you don’t have to worry about people being unable to watch your stream – just because they are on Android, or on their computers. Anyone can watch.

What Should Creators Do on Hang w/?

    • Stream a session at your latest public speaking gig, public event, or meetup
    • Host a game show or contest.
    • Already have another show online or on TV?

~ A behind-the scenes look at your production process.
~ Extended clips and longer interviews by leaving Meerkat running when your regular broadcast has ended (or vice versa)

    • Traveling somewhere new and interesting? Show the world!
    • Personalized how-to videos will do great here too:

~ Show off that latest recipe you thought of by streaming your cooking experience
~ Whatever it is you do – turn on Hang w/ in the office and show off!

  • Already have another show online or on TV?
  • Already have another show online or on TV?

What Shouldn’t Creators Do on Hang w/?

  • Interacting with Viewers While Driving. Stop this. Not only is it illegal in most states, and thus against the Hang w/ Terms of Service… but it’s also irresponsible. Even if you don’t use your hands – distracted driving is dangerous. Stop risking other people’s lives to stroke your own ego with a live stream of your day. You can however show people a ride home safely by mounting your phone like a Russian dashboard cam – you never know what your camera might catch. Works best with a Go Pro.
  • Stream people without their consent.
  • Language, Nudity. Try to be respectful of other people – don’t surprise them with graphic scenes or sounds – they may be watching or listening in the office. Of course, you can do what you want, assuming it’s legal for you to do so – and I can’t stop you – this is just a plea for creators to be considerate of others.

Go Live on Hang w/

Going live on Hang w/ is easy. Simply title (and hashtag) your broadcast, select your privacy and sharing settings, and click the red button to start! Unlike the other streaming apps, you get a 5-second countdown to mount your phone or fix your hair before you get started. No more accidental crotch shots streaming out to your audience. Also, you may want to wear pants while live streaming… just a tip.

Hang With Preparing for Live Stream

Unlike Meerkat and Periscope, you can stream live from your smartphone TODAY even if you are only on an Android device. There are, however, a few features that are not yet available on Android (but coming soon, according to the founder of Hang w/ himself). Hang w/ users on iOS get a few additional features for their live streams:

  • Use a GoPro to stream live.
  • Switch camera mid-stream. One feature coming very very soon to Android is the ability to switch between front-facing and rear-facing device cameras while streaming.
  • Automatically save your broadcast to your device. Before you launch your stream, make sure the “save” button is on to save the stream to your device when it’s over (found next to the Facebook, Twitter, and Location buttons in the stream launch screen). Don’t worry, you can export your stream later too.
  • Use filters on your stream. Choose from Hang w/ Blue, Color Burst, Vintage, 8-bit, and Blob.

Hang With iOS Filters for Live Streaming

During the stream, you can easily access additional controls and information about your audience. You can see how long you have been streaming live, how many are viewing, how many likes your stream has received, review user profiles, follow new viewers, and more.

Hang With Live Stream Controls

Once your live stream is over – simply press the red button one more time to end the broadcast. From the Post-Broadcast screen – you can edit the broadcast title, share the replay on your social media channels or with specific Hang w/ followers and friends that may have missed your stream, or go ahead and launch a brand new broadcast right away.

The last option, to launch a new broadcast immediately is vital, because as a user, you are by default only permitted to stream for up to 15 minutes at any one time. Though some see this as a major drawback – it does keep newcomers from spamming the “live now” and discover tabs with streams full of non-stop cameras, with users who aren’t even in front of their phones.

Get Discovered on Hang w/

When you log into your Hang w/ app you start in the “Discover” tab. From your favorite actors and artists, fitness insctructors, photographers, chefs – whatever you may enjoy – Hang w/ likely has a featured broadcast about it! Not only do they seek out those streams themselves – The Hang w/ team is very active on their own platform – they are on the lookout for the best broadcasts and broadcasters – but with over 3,000,000 live broadcasts – that can be difficult.

If you feel that you, or a specific broadcast, should be featured in the main discovery area – or in a specific channel, you can contact Hang w/ yourself at:

Get Verified on Hang w/

If you have over 100,000 followers on social media, or just have a great idea in mind for your channel – contact Hang w/ to get verified via With a verified profile, stream up to one hour at a time.

Use a GoPro to Stream on Hang w/

Hang w/ users on iOS with cell data plans can now stream live using their Go Pro cameras. This is something that really makes Hang w/ shine as a streaming option.

Something to note is that the GoPro feature will capture video from the camera, but audio will continue to be picked up by the iOS device. This means you can easily attach your GoPro to your flying drone, and narrate the action yourself.

This is really ideal for people on the go or on vacation. There is a noticeable delay between audio and video, however – so you’ll want to use this for videos that are narrated more than spoken directly to camera. Mount the GoPro on your car’s dashboard, on the front of your bike, or on a helmet as you do something extreme!

  • Turn on your GoPros Wifi
  • Turn on your device’s Wifi and connect to your GoPro
  • Launch Hang w/ and Go LIVE!
    When creating a stream on iOS, click “Use GoPro” at the top of the screen to connect.

Your Hang w/ Inbox

Hang w/ users can send each other messages inside the app by tapping the message icon on a user’s profile page. Are you an influencer and worried about spam? Hang w/ Verified Users can only be messaged by people they follow or by other Verified Users.

In the inbox is where you’ll find any messages sent to you as well as a running tab of the recent activity on your profile and streams. See when users followed you, and immediately check out their own profiles yourself – follow them back, or give them access to private streams.

Your Hang w/ Profile

Your profile is you home base. Head here to review and watch your past live streams as well as delete or restrict replays.

Hang With Live Streaming Profiles

You even have a corresponding web profile, found at[USERNAME]. My username (same as on Twitter, Meerkat, and Periscope) is @socializations, thus my public profile is found at

Your web profile even allows viewers to watch your past streams – with comments and all! If you log into the Hang w/ browser interface yourself, you can download your streams to your computer right from the browser too, for easy editing and upload to a service like YouTube or Vimeo.

Hang With Web Stream Viewing

You can also login through your browser to update your name, username, email, profile picture and personal quote.

Not only can you create some great streaming content for your social media channels and on your web profile page on – but you can even embed your Hang w/ profile and streams on your website by using just one line of ‘iframe’ code.

Whenever you are live on Hang w/ you’ll be live on your own site.

Even when you aren’t live – your website visitors can browse your public live stream archives.

Monetize Your Live Streaming on Hang w/

Hang w/ displays ads before and after broadcasts (skipped after only a few seconds, just like YouTube “True View” advertisements). Users approved for monetizations can eart 25% of the net advertising revenue earned by Hang w/ from your broadcasts. The more views a broadcast receives, the more ads that can be shown, and the more money you will earn. Payouts are made monthly at a minimum of $10.

Verified users with advertising category conflicts or those that have sponsors of their own can contact Hang w/ – they are very accommodating. Hang w/ partners with advertising networks who provide quality advertising content to users. Applying for monetization is simple – simply head to “More > Monetization” in the Hang w/ app.

Please note – even with advertising and monetization – Hang w/ understands the importance that creators own their own work. As stated in the Terms of Service for Hang w/: “You retain all ownership rights in the User Content that you post.”

Subdomains And Forwarding: Your Best Friends

It is no secret that I love subdomains. My website here is – so I made myself two additional subdomains, one for “hangwith” and one for “stream.” goes to my profile page (find yours at is useful if I schedule a stream ahead of time or to show off one specific stream from your archive as an example, as I can link it to the web viewer.

This way I can promote the same links over and over again – and old links shared on multiple social networks won’t ever die – you’ll always retain control of those shares – even if Hang w/ were to disappear.

Live Streaming Gear

How does someone get the most out of their Hang w/ stream? From selfie sticks, to lights, lenses, and mounts – I love all of these options. Surely – there are many companies that make the products below – but I went ahead and found reliable Amazon Prime providers who can guarantee not only a low price but fast delivery to US customers. Personally, I am a big fan of the clip-on lavalier microphone – great for sitting at your desk and answering questions for your viewers.

Please note – people will think you are crazy if you are just walking around with a head mount with your phone. Recommended for only those situations where you have to be hands-free – not just because you are lazy.

Let’s say you are a mechanic, wishing to show people a “mechanic’s eye view” of the engine – knowing that if you can see it, your viewers can too. Maybe you work in the kitchen, and don’t want to be adjusting your streaming device and then touching food – you could use it to give viewers an intimate cooking experience, right from your point of view.

Selfie Stick



Mic – Quality

Mic – Value


Body Harness

Head Harness

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