Google Plus Posting Guide

Google Plus Posting Guide

Are you using Google+ yet? Whether you have been there since first launch, or just joined today – there are many things you can do to boost engagement. That doesn’t just mean engagement within Google Plus – you can also gain valuable relevant traffic on your own websites from potential customers and fans!

So, without further ado: How to Post on Google Plus?

Here are a few of the things I think everyone needs to know …if they want to generate quality discussion, engagement and interaction.

Link Litter is a Waste of Everyone’s Time

Think of it this way. You want some people to click on your link, to stay there and read for several minutes, then hope they share the content with their friends. Are you really telling me you can’t take a few moments out of your own day to first craft a post with more than just a link?

SHOW, Don’t Tell.

Please, describe the content of the posts (3-5 sentences). Let us know what we are going to see when we get there. Tell us exactly what we will find, and include some of the information from the target link, either summarized or quoted, at the least. Well described posts ALWAYS do better than a post with just a single line, or no additional text/commentary at all.

Quick Tips for Describing Your Post:

Your “latest blog entry” : No
Your “latest video” : No
Your “funniest/greatest/best/most interesting” post : No

Most people do not like re-sharing posts that just say:
“HI! Here’s my new post! Hope you’ll Re-share!”
“This post on my blog is the BEST! Read this!”

Do you want to be seen in social search on Google?

With Google+, the power is in search. The better you describe your post, the more likely you are to show up in search. Seriously. This is a Win:Win for you AND your fans.

Some formatting suggestions:

• Adding a title in bold at the top of your post using the * symbol;
• Utilizing italics for quotes and emphasis using the _ symbol;
• Strikeouts can be useless useful to convey a point using the – symbol.

Be original and interact with others.

Instead of only posting, engage with existing posts, answer questions, +1 and comment on other posts. Don’t flood communities and your stream with posts in a single topic area in a short period of time.

Create the best posts you can.

Check for duplicate news from your circles or within the community you post in before posting a big story. Don’t just re-post every story from your other social networks. Think to yourself, is this something that most of the community you are sharing it with would already know? If so, then it is probably not good to post.

“Follow backs” and “Like Trading” ARE NOT MARKETING.

Any posts with a link for link or follow trades will lead to instant ban from most communities. Same goes for ANY Affiliate Links/Pyramid Scheme posts (i.e. Empower Marketing, Social Media Bar, Auto Club, Cell phone plans, etc.)

Well, that completes my rant disguised as an informative, helpful blog post.

If you’d like to feature these graphics somewhere on your site, or on social media, of course, that is perfectly acceptable, and you can use whatever manner you wish to share them out, but please include a link, so that readers can get the full guide here! Thank you.


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