Seven Essential Conference Tips

Seven Essential Conference Tips

While running one of our Social Media Hangout Hangouts-On-Air last year, Dustin W. Stout brought up some really great tips for networking at industry conferences and events. When he was preparing for the Killer Tribes Conference that was taking place in Atlanta, Dustin did the smart thing and turned to someone he respected for some much needed advice. This happened to be the social media powerhouse that is Chris Brogan. What Chris told him was absolutely priceless, and for that reason, I just had to throw it into infographic form (okay, to infographic purists, this is more of a visual accompaniment to a list). This existed solely on Google+ for a while, but I decided it finally needed some publishing on here as well.

Seven tips for networking at your next conference:

1. Get their card. Your card is useless.Click To Tweet
2. Never think you’re not worthy, but always think you’re acting too cool.Click To Tweet
3. Be daring but not an a–hole.Click To Tweet
4. Never lie. If you’re not yet there, just don’t yet be there.Click To Tweet
5. Meet the person you want to meet.Click To Tweet
6. Offer to gather with a small group and share that thing you know how to do.Click To Tweet
7. TRIBES run on contributions. Offer something before being asked.Click To Tweet

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