7 Deadly Sins: Community Management

7 Deadly Sins: Community Management

Some days it feels like herding cats. Don’t get me wrong: every community I have started and run on Google+ and other social networks have connected me with truly amazing and talented people, and the experience I have gained in running a community and social presence for various businesses has been invaluable.

In my complaints about running communities, remember that I wouldn’t trade these experiences and the relationships they have brought forth for anything. That being said, there are a few things about starting and running a community online that can be quite frustrating. Hopefully, you can learn from my failures and successes, and hit the ground running yourselves.

In this series I will be going through what I consider the “Seven Deadly Sins” of community management. Basically, these are the absolutely worst possible things you can do as a community manager for a brand, social media account, business, organization, or even just as an individual with a community of followers.

Avoid these failings, and you just might reach your goals online.










Obligatory Disclaimer

I am not necessarily religious or anti-religious, and mean no disrespect to anyone with the topic of this piece. I was simply watching the movie “Seven” with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, and thought… this would make a fun mini-series!

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