Keys to Community Management

Keys to Community Management

You really should be thinking about hiring a community manager in 2015.

The field is proving absolutely invaluable to the businesses which embrace it. A good community manager isn’t just some savvy social media user who “hangs out” on the internet all day. Depending on the industry they work in, they may be engaging and educating, driving sales, retaining customers, and growing your brand. Just about anything that a community manager will do can fall within the 4 key elements of community management: Growth, Engagement, Listening and Improvement.

When you start the process of recruiting your own community manager, be sure to review this list, to remind you not only what a community manager does, but how they achieve these goals.



A community manager is not someone who pads the numbers.Click To Tweet

Irrelevant circles, follows, and likes can throw off even the best campaigns. A community manager needs to pull in a targeted audience, but also get them involved and actively engaged. By driving early adoption in a community, you can really get the momentum you need to make waves.

In order to drive growth, you may find a community manager:

Searching using relevant terms and keywords for blog, website and forum comment areas and discussions to participate in. Perhaps even stopping by Quora to answer a few questions.
Use various social networks and conversing with potential followers/customers/users.
Reaching out to bloggers and influencers.
Driving early adoption, then creating brand advocates and evangelists from the early users.
Building a following and finding relevant and targeted fans for your social media accounts.
Participating in Google+ HOAs, Twitter chats, and other industry-specific online and offline networking events.



A community manager is a vital component of a plan to humanize a brand or group.Click To Tweet

A community manager is able to connect with potential customers and followers via online engagement.


A community manager can build engagement by:

Consistently creating and curating high-quality relevant content.
Monitoring industry-specific online discussions for opportunities to comment or answer questions.
Building relationships within your community.
Make personal connections with users; speak with them daily.
Moderating blog. community, as well as social media comments, responding accordingly.



A community manager must be able to listen to user feedback and review metrics to evaluate their community.Click To Tweet

A community manager can accomplish active listening by:

Actively speaking with users, whether is it on a social network, or via email or phone call, or even in person.
Asking your active followers, customers and/or users for feedback.
Measuring your brand’s social media and blog metrics.
Actively monitoring your online presence on top social networks and in search engine results.



Considering how quickly social media and technology changes, evolution is essential for your community.Click To Tweet

A community manager, following up on the key element of “listening,” can add to what was learned by:

Monitoring the competition and major industry-specific trends to determine what needs improvement.
Testing new social networks and platforms as they arise. Early adoption is a great advantage.
Working as middleman between users and developments teams or engineers to improve the products, services, or experience.

Key Elements of Community Management - Infographic

With the 4 key elements of growth, engagement, listening and improvement, a community manager will spend their day giving your company a human voice.

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