About Me

A man of many hats, Andrew has immersed himself in business and strategic marketing, social media, SEO and web design – and with this combination of skills he is extremely effective in achieving marketing goals for the businesses and individuals that come to him for help.

An advocate of Google+ and realizing the immense benefits of Google’s Search Plus Your World for businesses and individuals, Andrew has grown a personal following of over 320,000 followers on Google+, featured himself the Google+ SUL (Suggested User List) for his high quality of content and consistent engagement. Yes, he has a high Klout score too (if that even matters).

Chances are you’ll find him in the Social Media Strategy community on Google+, but throughout the day Andrew will frequent many social networks, forums and communities – as any marketer worth your time understands that a marketer’s education never ends – we must continue improving ourselves, our skills, and building relationships in our industry.