What is an anti guru?

This is not just some lazy marketing blog, featuring the same old community management and marketing tips and tricks we all know and are sick of. This is a collection of guides, rants and theory in relation to just about anything from advertising and marketing to psychology and science, and anything in between. Follow me, and a few extra special guest posters in this journey through the minds of those who teach from experience, rather than from regurgitation.

Author Interview: Danny Brown

Author Interview: Danny Brown

Join me as I ask marketer, award-winning blogger and published author Danny Brown a few questions about himself, his writing process, and life in general.

Scam Alert: Google Plus Local Listings

Scam Alert: Google Plus Local Listings

Beware of calls from people claiming to work for or with Google. Chances are you are about to be scammed.

Complete Guide to Google+ Collections

Google Plus launches Collections, an all new way to deliver and digest more relevant content.

Introduction to Hang w/ Live Streaming

Though still unknown to many - Hang w/ has been busy building an active and engaged user base of over two million users.

Introduction to Meerkat Live Streaming

Everything that you need to know about Meerkat, even some stuff that you didn't need to know.

You don’t need to write a blog… yet.

The internet doesn't need any more content - it needs more engagement. Take some time, build relationships, gain experience, then tell us about it.

Marketing Warfare Strategies

In marketing warfare, should your company be on offense or defense? Should you be executing a flanking or guerrilla attack?

The Great Google Giveaway

You too can win a Google Chromecast, or a signed copy of Semantic Search by David Amerland.

Google Plus Community Owner Guide

Google+ communities are great for starting conversations around particular hobbies, interests, groups, or organizations.

Market Awareness With Google

Learn how you can expand your online presence through smarter insights to grow your business.

Andrij (Andrew) is one of the first & finest social media professionals I came across when starting up our digital agency last year. His commitment and ability to help others is second to none and I would run out of superlatives to describe this brilliant individual. I have no doubt that he will slot into any team effortlessly and would highly recommend him.

Kay Kulkarni Co-Founder, Moose Collective December 20, 2014